Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world

To the victor, the spoils

A nation when accumulating massive wealth grows tall and looms over the rest of the world. They live in the shadow of it. It’s grandiosity insults them. It is Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities destined to be torn down by god for becoming too morally weak. A strong nation breeds weak men and nations bearing […]

The truth is illegal and here is why.

The empire is doomed; start preparing; save your family. If I asked you is it illegal to discriminate, would you agree? You would think so wouldn’t you? I was wondering why status quo and census on statistics highlighting differences in race or religeon or culture or anything is being so heavily criticised, punished and even […]

Invasive species

If immigration is so good why do we class foreign animals as invasive species? If only they didn’t do this. Then we could all enjoy a homogenised world where it’s all seagulls, magpies, crows, bracken, rhododendron and grey squirrels.

I’m sad these genes will propagate

In “de beekse bergen” in the netherlands, a natural resort with wild animals you can drive thru with your car, a french family decided to take some pictures of leopards out of their car, even taking out their youngest kid as if there was a fence between them. This really was Darwinism in action. I’m […]

Introduction to Evl App

For several months I’ve been drip feeding news or information about the thing I’ve been building for the last year or so. In fact its actually difficult to explain because I had an idea of what I wanted but neither the skills, imagination or ability to achieve it. So I did what any plucky new […]

Why you should hire me to join the FBI

Being able to look between the lines is an amazing ability of mine. In fact, I’ll just keep this one short. I’m pretty sure if the secret organisations are actively looking for new members then I should at least be one someone’s radar. I’m looking for a job. Maybe you want my amazing abstract thinking […]

Now is a memory

My childhood is trapped within the soundtracks of the video games I played extensively over the years. If i need to feel nostalgic I just need to play any song from Ocarina of Time and it’s instant holding back tears. I think back to being younger. The younger and more innocent incarnations of my family […]

Does this image contain hate speech?

Anyone else getting this? Facebook thinks it’s ok to ask me if every post contains hate speech. Politicians are asking me to look out for hate speech. The police want me to call them if I see any hate speech. We are living in the era of high magic. Human beings have completely evolved passed […]

Test to find out if you are easily brainwashed and lack logical thinking.

So you’d think that you would be immune to logical fallacies and corporate brainwashing you might be exposed to on the daily basis. Well this test will test you wits and ability at making the right conclusions from the information being presented without being swayed by the authors opinions or intent to make you think […]