Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world


It’s time to end the war of the Sexes. I’m offering the one piece of knowledge that can save our species.

Holy shit, I know how to make peace and find the common ground that will end the war of the sexes. Disband feminism. Men stop going your own way. I finally have the one piece of knowledge that when shared between the sexes that can allow one side of the gender war to understand the […]

Does this image contain hate speech?

Anyone else getting this? Facebook thinks it’s ok to ask me if every post contains hate speech. Politicians are asking me to look out for hate speech. The police want me to call them if I see any hate speech. We are living in the era of high magic. Human beings have completely evolved passed […]

Test to find out if you are easily brainwashed and lack logical thinking.

So you’d think that you would be immune to logical fallacies and corporate brainwashing you might be exposed to on the daily basis. Well this test will test you wits and ability at making the right conclusions from the information being presented without being swayed by the authors opinions or intent to make you think […]