Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world


Reader and the Voice

I can’t say whether I live alone or whether I am involved in a lot of people’s lives. Ever since it started happening, I’m not sure whether I’ve been crazy the entire time or whether something very bizarre is going on. It’s not like I can tell anyone about it. I didn’t have to imagine […]

Christopher Reader

I have told you several times, that asking me any more questions is pointless. Keep me here forever if you need; put me in prison, kill me or blame everything on me; but I can’t tell you anything more than I’ve already mentioned you. It is everything that happened, and I’ve told it to you […]


I am leaving this message under serious mental difficulty since by tonight I will be dead. Completely broke and at the end of my supply of anti-depressants which makes my awful existence more tolerable, I cannot bear this hell any longer, and I shall burn myself in a fire. Do not think that my addiction […]

In the Moment

His dick was hard. All around him was darkness except the slotted holes in the wooden door 3 centimetres from his face. His heart was beating, and adrenaline was coming out of his ears. Everything was supercharged. “FUCK” He imagined what was about to happen. He was about to get his ass, fully naked, kicked. […]


50k it can change your life. 50k for a blip in my entire life of discomfort. Pain even. Definitely pain. I’m scared, but the money stops me from cancelling. 1 hour to go. I was to arrive early and shower. I was not to eat anything all day or the day before. So I was starving. […]


He was high. Loud and quick to anger. He just couldn’t be calm and sit at still. His attention switching every twenty minutes, making a mess as he went along. Of course, I’d need to clean up after him every single time. Otherwise, the mess would just accumulate. His behaviour got worse after the house […]

The Non Player Character

I awoke from my break, exactly where I had been standing previously. I spoke to the woman standing outside the cave. Her words streamed on and on. I didn’t even need to pay attention to what she said. They never seemed to care whether I did so or not. As soon as she stopped droning on […]