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Dynamic Pages

Search engine optimisation or search engine marketing is the process of promoting a business online to achieve top search engine rankings for relevant, targeted key phrases. Your website is modified to bring searchers to your site by ensuring your key phrases are relevant.

Dynamic Pages is a robust and reliable search engine optimisation service. Every week your website content can be rewritten targetting a new keyword or location.

Dynamic Pages can be applied to WordPress websites, or practically any other website by directing visitors to your site from backlinks or by updating your existing site.

How do we do it?

With the Dynamic Pages service for a setup fee and an ongoing monthly charge we will:

Create a matrix of keywords for your services and locations and feed it into our Dynamic Pages algorithm to automatically write content and generate new pages for your website. Each page will be content rich, search engine friendly and should be easily found by potential customers using relevant search terms.

Our intelligent computer algorithm can perform the role of an entire marketing team at a fraction of the cost, making sure that the information on your website is correct for the Search Engines to produce continuous results which you specify. Our algorithm can produce hundreds (even thousands) of new pages every week which will be unique with its own fresh content

When search engines crawl your website they will continuously be learning the information on your website and you will begin to rank for up to hundreds of keywords on any given subject at the same time. We will review the content every month and guide the algorithm to continuously give you results and a proven increase of clicks every month.

Each month you receive a report that lists all the clicks you have organically gained and which keywords were used to attain them.

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