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The truth is illegal and here is why.

The empire is doomed; start preparing; save your family. If I asked you is it illegal to discriminate, would you agree? You would think so wouldn’t you? I was wondering why status quo and census on statistics highlighting differences in race or religeon or culture or anything is being so heavily criticised, punished and even criminalised to post stats making races or religeons look bad because of laws against discrimination. But its the truth right? Why are we not allowed to say the truth?

Why is the truth illegal?
Why do people get punished if the truth was not illegal?

Because it is illegal. You don’t think so?

The truth is illegal
When dealing with discrimination they are following the law to the letter. When they said,
“Make it illegal discriminate”,
people thought it meant people can’t hire someone, or refuse a service based on something arbitrary self-evident axiomatic truth.  But that’s not what discriminate means, it means
“recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another”
See how it is illegal to point out the differences between people, hence why we have no freedom to say these things anymore

We need to open a 2-way conversation on this. And really investigate why a word with such a profound meaning was allowed to be used in law to outlaw the very process of determining the truth of a thing. The more we disassociate ourselves from the truth, the more demoralised we become by the brainwashing.

It might not be as bad as you think.
the truth is always stranger than fiction

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