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Why you should hire me to join the FBI

Being able to look between the lines is an amazing ability of mine. In fact, I’ll just keep this one short. I’m pretty sure if the secret organisations are actively looking for new members then I should at least be one someone’s radar. I’m looking for a job. Maybe you want my amazing abstract thinking ability; or my cold hearted detachment that probably makes me suitable to doing bad things to good people; or my latent psychic abilities and small party of demons and thought entities that could give people some very bad dreams.


All over your clothes and bed and even your cat.

This particular video had me pretty hyped up. I mean super hyped. I am smart enough to join the FBI?

The water being poisoned was one of a variety of theories being offered by me including: both pills were poisoned and he had a resistence, or he was doing the magicians choice. The poison ice cubes was really the only option. The cassette player had me for a while. I was thinking about the mechanics of having to hold down record and play at the same to get it recording when I realised the tape had to be re-winded. The absolute stinker is the Cop going out to the Christmas day.

Now up to this point i was not using the images. I thought they weren’t even related to the test and I focus on the words of the riddles. The real answer has nothing to do with the lights on the tree.

OUR family celebrated at a friends house.”

Up to this point it was not established if the resident had a family. In fact It suggests he is family¬†with¬†the policeman who the the knows he obviously didn’t do it but had to come out to do his job anyway.

So whenever you guys are ready I’m ready for the job. Call me.

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