Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world

Does this image contain hate speech?

Anyone else getting this? Facebook thinks it’s ok to ask me if every post contains hate speech. Politicians are asking me to look out for hate speech. The police want me to call them if I see any hate speech. We are living in the era of high magic. Human beings have completely evolved passed the archaic wisdom of ~

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

~ to the dire straits of predicaments we find ourselves today. Somewhere, out there, there is someone who read some words online and they were put into a state of fear and alarm. So powerful were the words. Their hearts started pounding. Their supple minds like a computer ready to accept the next punch-card of arbitrary information to be processed was not able to… I mean…. completely incapable to look away from the screen or think of anything else. True suffering has no witnesses. Just akin to people living with mental illnesses – except its not a mental illness – it is the natural state of being that has been repressed due to being programmed by society. They were programmed by the wrong things. Only by understanding that we are all completely incapable of conscious thought can we understand the predicament we are in now.

There are some people among us. It would be racist to see who and I’m not a bigot. Who were programmed with positive reinforcement programming. Through no real skill, wit or hard work of their own they programmed by their privilege to their brain input code accepter to become immune to reading hate speech online. These people are just the lucky ones. There are actually a minority of peoples who are in fact the majority when you look at the raw numbers except the programming has convinced them they are the minority. These people are doomed to fail because they don’t get good programming. Hate speech laws are a way of correcting the programming.

It’s kind of like I said our brains are a computer, except our brains are better than a computer. Our brains can think two things at once! We can imagine things that are not real. It’s called artistic ability and it’s what humans excel at. We are very good at thinking things that are not true. So when a minority reads some magic words they are completely overcome with their programming that they’re whole perception, confidence and existence is destroyed. In fact it’s even worse than rape because at least during rape there’s sometimes an orgasm. No… No… No… Hate speech is serious business.


So before you ask yourself if this image is hate speech. Ask yourself.

“Didn’t we all come from africa at one point?”

Therefore Africans have claim to all cultures. Unfortunately they did not have TV’s in the 50s and 60s when all the modern capitalist powers of the world brainwashed their majority populations into inventing lots of things and didn’t share this brainwashing technology to other countries.

So whenever people ask me,

“Why are there always black men dating white women?”

“Why are there always white men dating asian women?”

“Why are white people always evil criminals or terrorist?”

“Why are black people always the head of their department and everyone’s boss?”

“Why are white people always stealing the cultures of the people they evolved from?”

I tell them


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