Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world

Test to find out if you are easily brainwashed and lack logical thinking.

So you’d think that you would be immune to logical fallacies and corporate brainwashing you might be exposed to on the daily basis. Well this test will test you wits and ability at making the right conclusions from the information being presented without being swayed by the authors opinions or intent to make you think a certain way. Regardless on whether these examples really¬†show proof of the fact that you are entirely surrounded by sheeple who have so completely brainwashed that they are incapable of seeing the truth even when it is right in front of them. Perhaps… Even you might be one of these people? Are you easily swayed by other peoples agenda? Continue reading to find out.

Is the news article telling the truth? Are you able to see the blatant lie? Scroll down to find out.

migrants selected this mom whose journey CNN has followed
whose journey CNN has followed
CNN has followed

It sure sounds like these migrants had a choice. So is CNN human trafficking now? Imagine you are the woman. Or imagine you are working at CNN. What possible event could have brought these two parties together to document the journey? How did that phone call sound?

Why is CNN pretending to have a veil of impartiality when in fact they are directly connected in orchestrating the news they are reporting on. Also you could infer that the fact that a woman with kids had been wholeheartedly elected to be the first in line because her situation is so unique then it is probably an example of the exception rather than the rule. What I am saying is, they rest of the people travelling are all probably the rule. We cater only to smart people here. It would be racist to draw any further conclusions so I’d legally advise against thinking any further.

Always, remember real suffering has no witnesses; so crawl back into that empty little skull of yours and take your foot off the brain-pedal  before you hurt yourself.

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