Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world

There is only 1 new hope

I enjoy the new star wars movies and I laugh when luke and rey where on the island. I laughed when they were eating the porgs. I still thought the casino scene was shit.

What have you all become? It used to be that the femenists look at the world through their problem glasses yet the other side is now doing exactly the same.

They literally baited you into hating your childhood. Because they knew you would notice all these things. Just as a social justice warrior cant help see everything through their own lenses.

You’re no different.

Now you don’t even have star wars.

I fucking feel sorry for you.

There is only one A NEW HOPE. Get over it. It created a fucking universe out of nothing. Enjoy that universe. Its a fucking universe. There is going to be every incarnation of every writers bullshit who lends themself to the name.

It has laser swords. Space wizards. And robots. What else do you want apart from the fairytale 90 minute runtime compact complete story that was a limitation of the technology of the day.

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