Bad Karma

Things don't just happen in this world


50k it can change your life. 50k for a blip in my entire life of discomfort. Pain even. Definitely pain. I’m scared, but the money stops me from cancelling. 1 hour to go. I was to arrive early and shower. I was not to eat anything all day or the day before. So I was starving. My mind reeled at the possibilities of why they didn’t want me to eat. I was naive. A virgin. I don’t understand these weird sex games. I don’t know anything at all.

I was approached on the street by a man offering me a modelling job. I had dropped out of high school since I’m thick as shit. I considered my looks mediocre at best but I was young and in good shape. I was paid well for the pictures they took of me. I could tell this was something private. They had many bizarre costumes to wear. Overtly sexual and exposing me to the photographer’s camera. Standing there for the first time in my life afraid I might be raped. I panicked and almost left when they brought in the dog. A large muscled beast on a chain with an overt spikey collar around his neck. I was glad as hell they didn’t want me to fuck him. He seemed old and tired and a little nervous at the camera. He never looked at the camera. Only looking at me at me, panting and drooling.

After drying myself I looked at the outfit that had been chosen for me. A schoolgirl outfit. After weeks of riskier and riskier photoshoots, they finally came out and asked me if I wanted to fuck on camera. I obviously did not. I just needed a way to support myself. I didn’t have anyone else.

“I am a virgin.”

The words seemed to trigger a response inside of him. It was subtle but I knew his heart was racing. 

“How much?”

I only said it as a joke. 50k. It was an unattainable number just so he wouldn’t ask, ask, and ask again.


It doesn’t take much more temptation than that to set you down any path in life.

I expected the worst. Every hole I guess. That must be what the not eating must be about. The tight-fitting schoolgirl outfit made it a little hard to breathe. It was almost like it was a size too small. It dug tightly into my skin at the seams. I was inspecting my makeup in the mirror when I noticed I noticed the mask. It was a thin white cloth mask that would cover my whole face fitted tightly with elastic chords. I guess the makeup was a waste of time. I tried it on and although it did not offer any breathing holes the material was spongey enough that air could pass through. I spent the rest of the time waiting. Starving really. I can’t wait to eat.


We were in a health spa so the air was thick with chlorine and essential oils. The mask made it a little easier to breathe but the place was so dimly lit I could barely see anything except a white haze that the mask gave me as it filtered the light. The next 20 minutes or so we spent binding my arms intricately to the sides of my body. My knees were tied together. The rope crisscrossed across my body restricting me to a worm.

I was lead shuffling down a groggy humid corridor to a blindingly lit room. It was like a film studio with spotlights and reflective mirrors everywhere. My eyes struggled to focus as I was being slowly led to the epicentre of the light.


I was so unready that it only took a little nudge to tripe me over and into the bath backwards. I panicked immediately as the rope brought a terrifying claustrophobic feeling that I was trapped in a tiny space. Yet I was in fact drowning. I screamed into my mouth a frustrated plea for god, humanity, anything. Get me out of here. My legs were still sticking out the end of the bath which was more upright than it was wide. They acted as the lever which forced gravity to bring all the blood into my head and ensuring I wouldn’t float to the top. It won’t belong. I should have realised they were going to torture me here. What the fuck was I thinking? 50k, I was expecting at worse a brutal gangraping off of many men. Maybe even some sadistic SM but not this. I started arching my stomach backwards and forwards trying to create enough momentum in order to be able to bring my head up to the surface. For air!

My stomach cramped very quickly and my muscles grew weak very quickly on account I had nothing in my stomach. Fuck these bastards! I feel like I’m going to die. Get me out of here! Just fucking fuck me and get it over with I’ll do anything you want. Please just let me talk. I have no idea how much time has passed but I slip into a meditation as I wait to be pulled back up. Trying to conserve my energy and wait patiently until they thought it was too dangerous to leave me down there. I played dead. As if by magic as my body relaxed I slowly started moving back up to the surface.


I broke the surface with a massive gasp of air into my lungs which immediately sent me into coughing fits as I was also breathing in the water trapped in the white mask. I panicked and my head bobbed up and down violently as I struggled to gain breath. Will the air help me even though I’m also breathing in water or will the water kill me? Fuck me if I actually knew that I probably stayed in school and wouldn’t be here. They must have a doctor surely. If they can afford 50k they can afford a doctor. They must really have a sick customer. He wants to see me close to death and rape a virgin. Only a sick man like that could make so much money hey can throw away cash on this. I’ve heard stories of videos on the internet of girls being put into large vacuum bags and having all of the air sucked out of them. The girl is filmed as she lies there shrink wrapped naked like a piece of meat in the store. Crying at first, panicking second, turning blue; until they finally break the seal and within seconds she turns red as she takes her first breaths again; give her a little shake and she wakes up crying. I don’t know if that girl got fucked. When they take me out of this water I’ll fuck whoever it is like they saved my life. I just want this to be over.

The blinding lights were blocked out and I could see a figure standing over me as I frantically tried to breathe through the drowning mask I was wearing. Finally! I am saved. Yet, I feel sharp prod in my chest and I am pushed down back under. I emit a real scream and my body goes into overdrive as I try frantically to break out of the ropes tying me. I need power. Superpowers. I need a god. A hero. There is nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. I don’t matter to these people. No one ever cared about me. I am going to die and nothing matters. I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. Nothing is everything.

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